Secure digital handshakes Done Differently Secure, easy and online

Lending money? Renting a car or an apartment? Buying second-hand items? Agreeing to deliver something, do work or make an arrangement? Dividing your business commissions? Dealdone makes every verbal agreement clear. Today or down the road.

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Hundreds of Deals.
A Single App.

You're already making more verbal agreements than you think. Can you actually remember all of them?
With Dealdone you'll never forget the details of any agreement again. Nor will the people with whom you made it. There are countless opportunities for daily use of the app. See for yourself!


Sharing commissions? Sharing profits? Are you negotiating a reward for brokering a business?

Dealdone is a securely encrypted space for closing informal Trade Agreements with business partners.


Lending money to friends, acquaintances or family members without a contract is not a good idea.

But who needs to worry about a contract when Dealdone is here? You can make a simple Loan Agreement quickly and confidentially.


Buying second-hand items? What if they stop working or don't meet your expectations?

No more disagreements over refund terms or about the technical condition of the item being sold or purchased. With Dealdone you can easily close any Purchase and Sale Agreement.


Craftsmen, freelancers, students, temporary workers - none of them like paperwork.

With an Agreement to Work, Dealdone will help you be clear about what they're doing, under what conditions and in what timeframe.


Carsharing? Sharing project costs with several people? Sharing a cabin, boat or motorbike?

A Cost-Sharing Agreement through Dealdone is a great way to avoid arguments over shared costs.


Whether you rent an apartment, a cottage, a car, a caravan or motor home, a lawn mower, or sports equipment, just take a picture of the leased item at handover to capture its state, fill in the agreed terms, and you're done. Your Lease Agreement is born.

Make your first secure digital deal
online! Deal done!

Type. Record.
Take a picture. Attach. It's completely up to you how you make your deal.

You can enter into agreements with one or more participants. You can type, record audio, take a picture or attach any file. It's that easy.

End-to-end Encryption
& extra biometric protection.

All your deals are securely stored and encrypted on a secure server, so no one but you can read them.
Even we can't read them.

The app is also protected by an extra PIN code and biometrics.

No deal forgotten. Ever.

No more unpleasant questions, doubts or disputes about what you agreed upon with whom. You have all your deals in one place and push notifications will alert you to any deadlines.

Do you lose your cellphone from time to time?
With Dealdone you can, with peace of mind!

Lost your mobile phone? Don't worry. You can download all your encrypted agreements from the secure cloud directly to your new device. Done.


See how easy it is to write or upload a deal, attach any file, and set a deal reminder.


You can make a deal with anyone, whether you have them in your contacts or not. See 3 easy ways to do it.

Want to make unlimited deals?

Download the Dealdone app and see how easy it is to make a secure digital agreement online. With a Premium subscription you get unlimited access to all app functions. Are you a business? Do you work in a team? Then the Enterprise Subscription Plan is just for you.

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